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Mystery Dinner Playhouse

Mystery Dinner Playhouse is Washington D.C., Richmond, Williamsburg & Virginia Beach’s very popular mystery dinner theatre. Audience members solve a hilarious comedy mystery while enjoying a delicious four course dinner. The dinner is served to you at your table by a zany cast of characters who all the while are providing clues to help you solve the evening’s crime. You’re given bribe money to entice the “suspects” to give you better clues, and a clue dossier which contains riddles and puzzles that you’ll need to decipher in order to be eligible for our “Super Sleuth” prize.

If your looking for a new and different place to celebrate with a night of major FUN!, then come join our cast of killers at Mystery Dinner Playhouse. Perfect for couples, families, seniors, students & school groups, office parties, sales meetings, tour groups – you name it! We’re a whodunit of a good time!

About the Shows

The show is broken down into five 10-15 minute scripted scenes, with the action taking place throughout the entire room. In our banquet-style setting, we can seat up to 200 at our Washington D.C. location, 120 at our Richmond location, up to 200 people at our Williamsburg location and 80-200 people (depending on space availability) at our Virginia Beach location. We can accommodate tables for your party, large or small.

When you arrive, you will be met at the door by one or two of the evening’s “suspects” who will help you find your seats, show you to our cash bar, and get you ready for the mystery about to unfold.

When the first scene starts, keep a watchful eye open for clues, and jot down anything that look suspicious.

As the evening progresses, and the plot thickens, you will open a “clue dossier” which contains, among other things, Mystery Dinner Playhouse bribe money to use to entice the “suspects” to give you better clues.

Between scenes, our cast (always in character) serves you a delicious four course dinner. This gives you a chance to question each of the suspects about key elements of the murder.

During the “Dessert Break” we recognize audience members who are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, with a hilarious sing-a-long.

At the end of the evening we collect your “solution forms” and give a prize to the person who best solves the mystery. We also give a prize to the more stupi…uh, well…creative answer!